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Elise Butler

After 18 years in the Professional Beauty Industry, my experience working with men and women in several different types of salons, spas, and owning Liquid Hair Salon since 2001 has shown me that a great stylist cannot make it on passion or talent alone but a combination of the two. Also, that education is key to keeping both alive.

I wish I could say that the old hair dresser cliche is true for me, that I played with Barbie's hair, adorned my sisters and friends with braids and curls, leading me to believe that the stylist's life was my destiny. Instead it was my Mother, the woman who knows the true me above all others, that led me to this wonderful world of hair. And because she is my business partner, I strive even harder to show my appreciation to her by continuing to develop my talents in the most successful ways possible.

Education is the best way to stay passionate and current on the ever changing trends in fashion, techniques, products and tools. Trade shows are the best place to get a sneak peek into all the above, and it was exactly at such a show where I met my mentor who changed my career path and taught me the techniques which set me apart from other hair stylists. His name is Michael O'Rourke, a two time World Champion of Hairdressers and founder of several salons, product lines, and schools, who created his own method of cutting unlike any the industry has ever seen. And he hired me!

Under his instruction, I studied his techniques along side some of the best stylists not only in the country, but the world! Sharing my knowledge through being an Educator and Platform Artist on stage at trade shows was a lot of hard work but came with such reward. Learning the techniques straight from the guru himself and seeing it open the minds of others was worth the crazy six years of traveling with the Sexy Hair team.

I hope you will allow me to share my unique skills with you in our relaxing setting at Liquid Hair Salon. You will better understand the disciplined freedom I have learned to create any style, cut to fit your head shape, style easily, and grow out more gracefully. When you return for your next visit, you can rest assured you will get consistent results because I will know every angle and line of my blueprint, yet have the freedom to create any new style your alter ego can dream up.

Color placement is just as important as your style, as they work together to create an illusion. I call this Calculated Creativity. Being a Colorist is like being a Chemist, there are so many factors that have to be calculated to ensure your creative end result is a success! It's no wonder the box color from Walmart never turns out.

The simplest knowledge on blow dry and styling techniques can be the biggest difference between a fabulous hair day or a very bad one. I make sure to educate all my clients on proper product selection, application, and finishing. Because when you look good, I look good!

Thank you for taking the time to select a stylist verses taking a stab in the salon directory. I will be looking forward to our first meeting of many, call me today!